Peninsula Electrical Services provides design services for solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems in both residential and commercial applications. We offer a complete suite of design and support services to fit your specific project requirements and timeline. We are dedicated to advancing the solar industry by refining system design and developing best practices for installation methods. We provide our clients with design services of the highest caliber for their solar projects and are committed to helping companies save resources in the design and installation phases of PV projects. For Peninsula Electrical Services, no two projects are identical. Each system is specifically designed to meet your needs and the limitations of your building’s structure. Our team of experienced solar designers work closely with AHJs and Utilities to ensure your plans are designed to applicable codes and requirements. Whether your solar project is simple or complex, Peninsula Electrical Services will complete it in an efficient and professional manner.


  • Complete PV Design
  • Electrical Load Calculations
  • Fault Current Calculations
  • Site Evaluations
  • Equipment Selection
  • Consultation with Inspectors/AHJs